How Do Estate Sales Work?

Estate selling is a mix of art and science and can be quite enjoyable for people having a knack for it.

The process of an estate sale begins with a professional reaching the property and creating an inventory of all the items the family wants to keep. The property is then decorated and organized to attract potential buyers. It is up to the professional to advertise the property in such a way that the sale gets completed within three days. Additionally, these estate auctions are aimed to get the most out of every saleable item available within the premise of the property. Estate auctions Ontario are particularly popular in Ontario with sales happening every month, if not every weekend.

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Estate Sale Process: The Intricacies

The estate liquidator and the allied team prepare the inventory of all saleable items before the publicity is done. Only professionals can separate the valuables from the mundane stuff as some collectibles can be of very high value and sell for a great price. The expensive articles are displayed in a captivating manner to pull buyers effortlessly. Staffs present in the auction assist in sales by giving a touch and feel experience for buyers, one at a time.

Mundane items and grouped together and sold for discounted rates such as a few dollars for the lot. This helps in clearing the entire inventory before the end of the estate sale.

Advertising the Estate Auction Ontario

The liquidator, who has a list of clients, sends out hundreds of notification mailers. The sale is advertised on various websites. Traditional advertisement channels such as newspaper advertisements, which can reach the mass, are also utilized. Local newspaper advertisements, which are creative and catchy usually pulls a big crowd to such auctions.

The D-Day

Directional signs are put up near the estate to direct to the crowd just the night before the actual sale. On the day of the sale, estate sale professionals are involved in crowd control and reduce any mishaps such as breakage. Professionals always control the inflow and outflow of the crowd to reduce stealing as well.

Various labels such as pre-printed adhesive pricing labels, plain labels, string hang tags are used to display prices. Perforated tags, whose end can be ripped off, helps in understanding whether an item has been sold off.

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A card table with a calculator is set for checkout, complete with a cash register or a computer. Checks are no longer accepted by most of these estate auction Ontario companies and an additional fee is imposed for credit card use.

The estate sale company usually assists the clients with the packing materials. To reduce shoplifting, boxes, baskets, handbags, and coats are not allowed on the premise.

An estate auction Ontario process can be quite cumbersome and very few organizations can complete the process successfully. It involves the right team, diverse and suitable clientele base, an inventory of valuable items and flawless selling process. But the rewards far exceed the hard work put in by the entire team.