Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Advice

This brief guide will help you to identify and choose the right kind of lighting that is needed for the bathroom

Having a proper lighting in the bathroom is very important as this the place where one does daily makeup and other daily activities brushing teeth etc. proper lighting will set bathroom ambiance and gives good clarity vision in mirrors. Below are few bathroom lighting ideas which can be considered during bathroom renovations Markham.

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Choices of Bathroom Lighting:

Generally, Bathroom light fittings are divided into three types: Ambient, task and Accent

  • Ambient Lighting is to make the bathroom look like it has natural light
  • Task Lighting is to highlight a section of the area like a mirror where one does makeup, this lighting with help increase the clarity of the vision in the mirror
  • Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight art or fittings in the bathroom
  • Bathroom lights have to be practical, so bright lights should be installed in main celling and soft lights are perfect for mood lighting and downlights.

Shower area can brighten up with good wall lights:

Wall lights make a good choice for bathrooms, below are some advantages of wall lights

  • They create a warm ambiance, by allowing only a subtle soft light to come in.
  • They can be used to highlight cabinets and corners
  • They are a good choice for above mirror & Bath lighting.

Wall lights are available in two type, one type is wired one main switch,  which is operated by a switch on the wall other types of lights comes with cord light on/off is controlled with this pull cord.

Ceiling Lights:

Multiple-angled spotlights give very good lighting to bathroom and should be considered during bathroom renovation Markham.

  • Ceiling light fixture provides a very good amount of natural light in the bathroom,
  • Ceiling fixtures are to be installed with a proper shielding and away from any water contact. This kind of lighting makes them ideal for bathrooms.
  • As these lights are sealed they are not prone to condensation

Traditional designs and modern designs are available in this Flush type of light fittings, which also come in frosted glass or clear glass.

Ideal for the task and accent lighting:

With a Horizontal bar, you get the benefit of installing multiple light sources to a single fitting.  With this kind of fitting Bathroom will become brighter this horizontal bar can also be used for fittings task lights over a mirror.

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Recessed Lights / Downlights

Downlights give a soft delicate lighting to the shower area.

Downlights also known as recessed lights are the best choice for the bathroom as they give much need lighting in the bathroom at the time they very affordable.

Downlights are very appropriate around the shower area but one also finds flush and semi-flush fittings which can add a nice look, these lightings are fitted in walls, ceiling, and floor. Downlights come in the different type of finishes like chrome & powder white.  Another great idea to make your bathroom look nice and beautiful is to install the light fitting in tiles.

When considering a bathroom renovation Markham, one should take care of placing light fittings at the right places in order to cover the entire bathroom with good lighting