Avoiding a Wet Basement Due To Leaky Windows

Windows, whether it is installed on the basement area or all around the home, needs to be in proper condition. If the window develops cracks or leaks then water might get inside the room through the cracks. On the other hand, leaky windows can increase the utility bill and make the surrounding space even more cold or warm. Similarly, the basement is often used for storing items. If the basement windows develops leak, then water can easily puddle around the space and you would need to call wet basement Toronto services. Water accumulation can damage the items stored there. Moreover, because of the moisture, the room can become damp.

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Leaky Windows: A Serious Issue

Many homeowners might think that leaky windows might be a minor issue which can be overlooked. However, if one does that then it would be doing more harm.

Most of the homes in western countries come with a basement area. The basement is often used as a storehouse or as a play room for the kids. As it is in the basement, they usually come with lot of large windows. The basement windows allow lot of light to enter the room so that it doesn’t become damp. However, with constant usage, the windows can develop problems like leakage issue. In case, the windows develop a leakage, it needs to be immediately replaced and requires wet basement Toronto services.


Changing Scenario

Most of the homeowners now want to convert their basement area into a living space. However, the basement area often becomes damp and moisture laden. It mainly happens due to water leakage. On close scrutiny of the windows of the basement, one gets to see that the window have experienced wear and tear with age. Or, it might have developed cracks as it couldn’t withstand the elements of nature.

Hence, leaking of the basement windows shouldn’t be neglected. Rather, immediate attention should be given to it. Or else, it would damage the home’s interior as well as structure of the home. In this blog, you will get to know some tips that can help homeowners to avoid leaky windows.


Tips to Follow

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One can easily caulk the leaky wet basement Toronto. It would help to prevent further penetration of water into the basement. In fact, the caulking agent acts as a barrier to moisture problem. While applying caulking agent to the basement windows, one should do it both on the interiors and exteriors, in order to avoid leaking.


The windows on the wet basement Toronto can come with window wells. The window wells can get clogged with dirt and ice. This can lead to huge water accumulation along the basement area. The best solution is to go for window well covers. It would prevent the accumulation of water pooling.

Checking Downspout

Gutters overflowing can lead to leaks. If the downspouts pour the rain water around the foundation then it can cause windows of the basement to leak. Hence, the direction of the downspout should be changed.

These are some cost-effective tips which can help homeowners to avoid leaky windows. Proper maintenance of basement windows is only possible when one takes the help of professional experts.