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While many people wish to have higher ceilings in their house, it still tends to be a rich dream and something which cannot be achieved by many. But not many know that by applying the right ceiling paint color in house painting along with the few of the right design tricks, any room can be made to look larger than it actually is. The dimensions of a room can be virtually made to look bigger. In the present days, the ceiling is constructed higher on an average of about 10 to 20 feet. But in the earlier days, the ceilings were significantly low.

house painting

In case you reside in a home with such a lower ceiling, then it does not mean that the entire home should look dark and low. With the right house painting color for the ceiling, the walls can be made to look lighter and brighter. This will also help in creating an illusion of a bigger house and a larger space. The best part is that it will not even cost a lot of money. In case the room is small it is always better to go with a light, neutral color to make the ceiling look higher. One other thing is that the ceiling can be made to look higher by making sure the ceiling and the molding are of the same color. By going with the right paint colors like the ones below and the tricks mentioned here, the entire space can be transformed brilliantly.

home painting

  • Bright White

The option of bright white is the most sought out one for the ceilings. By house painting, the ceiling white, the height of the room will appear to look larger. The color white to the room will also add to the modern style of the room. It does not matter what the other colors in the room are as white goes with all.

  • Pale Blue

What many people do not know is that the color pale blue is one of the most preferred colors of the interior designers if the aim is to make the room appear larger. This is one of the best choices for the people who are facing the problem of low ceilings. The reason is that the color pale blue is always associated with the blue sky above. When we look at this color, it gives a feeling that we are present outdoors. It also makes us imagine that we are looking at the sky, which will give the feel that the room is enlarged and not cramped.

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  • Pale Yellow

While many are still wondering if blue is the right choice the next option of pale yellow will make you wonder more. By going with the color yellow for the interiors of the house painting, the illusion of making the room appear bigger can be brought to the onlookers. It will also give the feeling that the people are outdoors and that there is a lot of space to breathe. Pale yellow is bright and is light and since this color is pretty neutral it will go well with almost all other colors in the palette.