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Maximize your condo investment

With the real-estate costs booming in Toronto, buyers are now looking for an affordable option—Xo condominium. Barbara Lawlor, president& CEO, Baker Real Estate Incorporated, is an expert we are questioning today to learn to maximize our condo investment.

xo condominium

When should one buy a condo with the purpose of investment? Should it be during the construction, pre or post construction?

The best time to buy a condo is during the time of pre-construction. It gives us the best suites at the best cost. More often than not, buying condos, pre-construction allows the deposit to do its magic. Experience a boost in equity before the investment closes after some years. Buying as soon as possible is best as the interest rates are still low and the prices are on the rise.

If the condo is not completed within the stipulated time frame, what can the buyers do?

The scheduled time frame for completion of Xo condominium is supervised by the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Buyers and builders are required to sign a Tarion agreement in which the extensions and occupancy date are mentioned. This also contains the recourse action a buyer can take if the deadline is not met by the builder.

If the Xo Condo isn’t completed within the aforementioned time, there are 2 options:

  •   Get out of the deal and recover your deposit
  •   Give the builder extra time

Reading the complete agreement carefully is an absolute requirement as this investment in Xo condominium is one of your biggest investments.

xo condominiums

 What should be considered while buying a condo for the purpose of investment? Is it different from the considerations while buying to live in it?

Yes, they are. For investment, the requirements of the target renters must be the priority. The location and the transport facilities must be on the top of your list as most renters probably do not own vehicles.

Do your research about the builders and their success rate. The conveniences, affordability and the green features which come with the Xo condominium must be paid attention to.

What are the trends for condo investors in Toronto?

Toronto condo investors contribute to the major part of buyers. Xo condominium, with their every year gains, is a solid investment. Most investors in real estate cannot buy houses so instead, they buy Xo condominium. Toronto is still exploring and expanding its limits in buying condos. However, it is walking in the footsteps of cities like London, New York and Paris, where real estate prices have gone through the roof. Affordability plays a major role in the growing investments in Xo condominium.

What is the weightage of condo fees in rental fees provided the owner wants to rent the place out? 

“25% in, 75% rent coverage”—this is the formula using which most condominium rents are determined. Make sure that maintenance fees, property taxes, and mortgage are covered in the rent with a little bit set aside for investment and you are good to go!

estate auctions Ontario

How Do Estate Sales Work?

Estate selling is a mix of art and science and can be quite enjoyable for people having a knack for it.

The process of an estate sale begins with a professional reaching the property and creating an inventory of all the items the family wants to keep. The property is then decorated and organized to attract potential buyers. It is up to the professional to advertise the property in such a way that the sale gets completed within three days. Additionally, these estate auctions are aimed to get the most out of every saleable item available within the premise of the property. Estate auctions Ontario are particularly popular in Ontario with sales happening every month, if not every weekend.

estate auctions Ontario

Estate Sale Process: The Intricacies

The estate liquidator and the allied team prepare the inventory of all saleable items before the publicity is done. Only professionals can separate the valuables from the mundane stuff as some collectibles can be of very high value and sell for a great price. The expensive articles are displayed in a captivating manner to pull buyers effortlessly. Staffs present in the auction assist in sales by giving a touch and feel experience for buyers, one at a time.

Mundane items and grouped together and sold for discounted rates such as a few dollars for the lot. This helps in clearing the entire inventory before the end of the estate sale.

Advertising the Estate Auction Ontario

The liquidator, who has a list of clients, sends out hundreds of notification mailers. The sale is advertised on various websites. Traditional advertisement channels such as newspaper advertisements, which can reach the mass, are also utilized. Local newspaper advertisements, which are creative and catchy usually pulls a big crowd to such auctions.

The D-Day

Directional signs are put up near the estate to direct to the crowd just the night before the actual sale. On the day of the sale, estate sale professionals are involved in crowd control and reduce any mishaps such as breakage. Professionals always control the inflow and outflow of the crowd to reduce stealing as well.

Various labels such as pre-printed adhesive pricing labels, plain labels, string hang tags are used to display prices. Perforated tags, whose end can be ripped off, helps in understanding whether an item has been sold off.

ontario estate auctions

A card table with a calculator is set for checkout, complete with a cash register or a computer. Checks are no longer accepted by most of these estate auction Ontario companies and an additional fee is imposed for credit card use.

The estate sale company usually assists the clients with the packing materials. To reduce shoplifting, boxes, baskets, handbags, and coats are not allowed on the premise.

An estate auction Ontario process can be quite cumbersome and very few organizations can complete the process successfully. It involves the right team, diverse and suitable clientele base, an inventory of valuable items and flawless selling process. But the rewards far exceed the hard work put in by the entire team.

markham bathroom renovations

Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Advice

This brief guide will help you to identify and choose the right kind of lighting that is needed for the bathroom

Having a proper lighting in the bathroom is very important as this the place where one does daily makeup and other daily activities brushing teeth etc. proper lighting will set bathroom ambiance and gives good clarity vision in mirrors. Below are few bathroom lighting ideas which can be considered during bathroom renovations Markham.

markham bathroom renovations

Choices of Bathroom Lighting:

Generally, Bathroom light fittings are divided into three types: Ambient, task and Accent

  • Ambient Lighting is to make the bathroom look like it has natural light
  • Task Lighting is to highlight a section of the area like a mirror where one does makeup, this lighting with help increase the clarity of the vision in the mirror
  • Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight art or fittings in the bathroom
  • Bathroom lights have to be practical, so bright lights should be installed in main celling and soft lights are perfect for mood lighting and downlights.

Shower area can brighten up with good wall lights:

Wall lights make a good choice for bathrooms, below are some advantages of wall lights

  • They create a warm ambiance, by allowing only a subtle soft light to come in.
  • They can be used to highlight cabinets and corners
  • They are a good choice for above mirror & Bath lighting.

Wall lights are available in two type, one type is wired one main switch,  which is operated by a switch on the wall other types of lights comes with cord light on/off is controlled with this pull cord.

Ceiling Lights:

Multiple-angled spotlights give very good lighting to bathroom and should be considered during bathroom renovation Markham.

  • Ceiling light fixture provides a very good amount of natural light in the bathroom,
  • Ceiling fixtures are to be installed with a proper shielding and away from any water contact. This kind of lighting makes them ideal for bathrooms.
  • As these lights are sealed they are not prone to condensation

Traditional designs and modern designs are available in this Flush type of light fittings, which also come in frosted glass or clear glass.

Ideal for the task and accent lighting:

With a Horizontal bar, you get the benefit of installing multiple light sources to a single fitting.  With this kind of fitting Bathroom will become brighter this horizontal bar can also be used for fittings task lights over a mirror.

bathroom renovation markham

Recessed Lights / Downlights

Downlights give a soft delicate lighting to the shower area.

Downlights also known as recessed lights are the best choice for the bathroom as they give much need lighting in the bathroom at the time they very affordable.

Downlights are very appropriate around the shower area but one also finds flush and semi-flush fittings which can add a nice look, these lightings are fitted in walls, ceiling, and floor. Downlights come in the different type of finishes like chrome & powder white.  Another great idea to make your bathroom look nice and beautiful is to install the light fitting in tiles.

When considering a bathroom renovation Markham, one should take care of placing light fittings at the right places in order to cover the entire bathroom with good lighting

toronto wet basements

Avoiding a Wet Basement Due To Leaky Windows

Windows, whether it is installed on the basement area or all around the home, needs to be in proper condition. If the window develops cracks or leaks then water might get inside the room through the cracks. On the other hand, leaky windows can increase the utility bill and make the surrounding space even more cold or warm. Similarly, the basement is often used for storing items. If the basement windows develops leak, then water can easily puddle around the space and you would need to call wet basement Toronto services. Water accumulation can damage the items stored there. Moreover, because of the moisture, the room can become damp.

wet basement toronto

Leaky Windows: A Serious Issue

Many homeowners might think that leaky windows might be a minor issue which can be overlooked. However, if one does that then it would be doing more harm.

Most of the homes in western countries come with a basement area. The basement is often used as a storehouse or as a play room for the kids. As it is in the basement, they usually come with lot of large windows. The basement windows allow lot of light to enter the room so that it doesn’t become damp. However, with constant usage, the windows can develop problems like leakage issue. In case, the windows develop a leakage, it needs to be immediately replaced and requires wet basement Toronto services.


Changing Scenario

Most of the homeowners now want to convert their basement area into a living space. However, the basement area often becomes damp and moisture laden. It mainly happens due to water leakage. On close scrutiny of the windows of the basement, one gets to see that the window have experienced wear and tear with age. Or, it might have developed cracks as it couldn’t withstand the elements of nature.

Hence, leaking of the basement windows shouldn’t be neglected. Rather, immediate attention should be given to it. Or else, it would damage the home’s interior as well as structure of the home. In this blog, you will get to know some tips that can help homeowners to avoid leaky windows.


Tips to Follow

toronto wet basements


One can easily caulk the leaky wet basement Toronto. It would help to prevent further penetration of water into the basement. In fact, the caulking agent acts as a barrier to moisture problem. While applying caulking agent to the basement windows, one should do it both on the interiors and exteriors, in order to avoid leaking.


The windows on the wet basement Toronto can come with window wells. The window wells can get clogged with dirt and ice. This can lead to huge water accumulation along the basement area. The best solution is to go for window well covers. It would prevent the accumulation of water pooling.

Checking Downspout

Gutters overflowing can lead to leaks. If the downspouts pour the rain water around the foundation then it can cause windows of the basement to leak. Hence, the direction of the downspout should be changed.

These are some cost-effective tips which can help homeowners to avoid leaky windows. Proper maintenance of basement windows is only possible when one takes the help of professional experts.